Hydro Blasting

Our industrial field comprises new fashioned hydro blast pumps of utmost technology, which can operate at an average of 36000 psi, handled by specialized professionals, duly overviewed by Safety technicians, all they wearing proper Individual Protection Equipment and preventing risks and/or hazards to environment.


We hire highly qualified professionals that apply the utmost in terms of modernity in coating, working the strict specifications from the manufacturers and complying with the environment and safety rules and regulations. Since earlier we have been adapting the hazard and biocide-free technology and procedures in our company. The use of "Intersleek® 425", a non-aggressive coating, is another efficient step and reflects our strong concern in avoiding damages to environment.


Our group disposes of a welding, cutting and mounting team, composed of profissionals effectively certificated by ABS Society, granting high quality services and meeting the international patterns and requirements.

 Piping / Shaft Line

Our workshop and skilful piping task force are ready to repair and/or build nets of all diameters and extensions within promptness, security, and total reliability.