Assistance to Xerém flooded population

As Cassinú Shipyard is involved in constantly concerned in rescuing people affected by seasonal accidents, the Social Act Emergency Team has exhaustively drawn its best efforts towards Xerém district inhabitants (in Rio de Janeiro) during the recent floods in that area (January 2013), by providing issues of groceries (food in general; milk, water, etc.), aiming to minimize jeopards and produce immediate recover.

 Project "Learning to be a Professional"

Created over more than five years in the industrial field facilities, the training center for the social project "Learning to be a Professional" yearly graduates around a hundred of new good professionals, duly trained and ready for the working market. At least 10% of these newcomers are immediately employed by our shipyard just after conclusion of the course.

Due to the lack of qualified manpower that the naval sector has been facing, and foreseeing this crisis, the shipyard has preceded this problem and since 2006 has invested in the graduation of new welders, torchmen, platers, mounters and grinders duly qualified and certificated by the Surveillance Bureaus.

The course is free and offered to the nearby inhabitants. It takes 320 hours and enables the new professional to get the specific qualification for the range of possibilities disposed by the national/regional market.

This is Social Responsibility!

 Brazil Kitchen

"Brazil Kitchen" Project is one of the Social Acts led by FIRJAN/SESI (The Industry Committee), aiming to teach the population to include new healthy nutritious habits. This new nutrition education course takes ten hours and comprises practical and theoretical classes on the better use of the raw foods and vegetables, such as the skins, stalks, seeds and branches starting from the preparing, cleanliness and preservation phase through prevention of non-contagious diseases (as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems), as well as infant nutrition.

All the attendees with 100% of presence receive receipt books, certificate and a kit composed by a folder, copybook, apron and cap. The course is offered to all the (interested) employees, their familiars and the surrounding community in general in certain periods of each year. Around 50/70 applicants take this course.

 Cassinu against the h1n1 influenza

In order to protect our collaborators on the easiest and effective way as possible, Cassinu Group has received imported H1N1 and conventional vaccines from the Industry Federation – FIRJAN. Thus, we promoted a weekly vaccination program. We engaged to clearly transmit the information so that all the patients could feel easy as to the preventive actions. In total, 180 persons were immunized and the major objective of our Group is to always promote health to our employees. Good life quality in the working environment is our constant concern.