HS&E-Health, Safety and Environment (Protection)

One of our major objectives is trying to develop our activities in order to effectively avoid risks or damages to persons, properties and/or environment.

All of our collaborators take part in a process of training and awareness on environment protection, learning how to preserve it not only during working hours, but also in their own lives and extending this experience to their homes and how to preserve and protect their lives, health and physical integrity by using the IPE – Individual Protection Equipment, properly scheduled for their activities and in compliance with the Labour Safety Regulating Rules and Instructions.

We have looked forwards in order to be always updated with the new laws on force. Presently, we are getting acquainted with the Regulating Rule n° 33, referring to "Health and Safety on works developed in confined areas".

Our shipyard encloses a system that filters the water leaving the dock before it is delivered to the sea. Also, another biological effluent treatment system processes all the sewage that comes from the facilities.

We are pioneers in biocide-free technology and were the first brazilian shipyard in applying the product Intersleek® 425, a paint completely non-hazardous to the environment.

We hold the I.E.P. – "Individual Emergency Plan" procedure that takes controls of the emergency occurrences specifically in order to make as fast as possible the solution response to these cases, avoiding unnecessary environmental damages.

We feel proud to have a steady fire-fighting task force for the production area and have recently composed an Emergency Brigade including prevention and fire fighting, pollution-fighting onshore and at sea. We also keep the Internal Accident Prevention Commission – IAPC (with regular preventing and corrective meetings) to provide and assure more safety and welfare to our customers and collaborators.