"News" - June 15 2011 - Miss Cassinú

Miss Cassinu boat shall be launched at sea within a few months.
The ocean boat shall be in water very soon. It encloses electronic navigation and safety equipment, such as; night seeing, radar, sounder, plotter, automatic pilot and GPS, all interconnected. Also, it comprises two diesel heavy duty engines, screen monitored with maximum speed reaching 30 knots, enclosing comfort and navigation safety, due to its bold hydro dynamic design and hull plating.

This state-of-the-art vessel, designed and built by our shipyard measures 52 feet, has V hull modified in iso/npg gel coat, with armourguard insulating coat to prevent against osmosis and laminated in compound blankets and isophytalic with core Baltek, compressed sandwich-like in layers, has a highly resistant and light shell. Among its attributions, Miss Cassinu shall be used in persons transport (even injured or sick) or small cargo loads, oceanographic researches, and patrolling. It is both versatile and functional, as well as comfortable. Projected for overnight accommodation for two persons, comprises a complete WC/bathroom compound, bar with refrigerator, owen, microwave and other facilities. The cabins are all air conditioned, reclined seats, TV, internet. All this to make the trip the most pleasant as possible.

 "News" - May 5 2011 - Shipyard 999 Branch

Shipyard 999 - Estaleiro 999 – The quay at 999 branch is almost ready. This new front attracts foreign investment.
In fact, the brazilian naval industry is living a historical recovery moment after two decades of strong storms. This turning point is due to investments in the oil and gas sector in our country. And the forecast is that the sector grows the double, comparing to the air spacial and household electronics for the next ten years, which has interested several foreign companies. In this scenery, Cassinu Group engaging in this new reality, intends to associate with investidors willing to draw efforts on business and get the good winds to increase productivity. Thus, foreseeing the spreading activities of the naval sector facing the lack of enough seaside space for docking and repair services, our 999 branch is finishing the construction of the quay with extension over 100m and able to dock vessels up to 1000 tons for these services and there are companies interested in investing in this enterprise. By the beginning of next year we'll have good news.