Who we are

The naval industry has grown expressively in Rio de Janeiro, due to the strong necessity to meet and supply the greatest oil region in Brazil; Campos Oil Field. And exactly in this scenery, Cassinu Shipyard has become one of the most outstanding companies in shipbuilding and repair.

Thus, from the very early beginning in this endeavor, we have started to draw concentrated efforts and assets towards the upgrading of machinery and systems of our industrial yard, as well as in the professional qualification and welfare of the staff.

Along with these implements, we have been constantly aware of the focus on the high quality of our final products, aiming to grant plentiful satisfaction to our customers. Not only the acquisition of expertise allied to recycling the production personnel, but also as contracting new qualified professionals have been our major concern to face the increasing demand for new contracts.

The social/sportive activities are a constant program in our corporation. During the whole year we program assorted entertainment activities to our employees and collaborators, such as games, recreation, dancing, competitions so as to provide a more comfortable and friendly environment, granting higher motivation, good mood and productive capacity.

From its branch office based at Porto do Forno quay, Arraial do Cabo city, Cassinu offers infra-structure for maintenance and repairs in drilling rigs and other vessels with draft up to 30 feet. Also, this base (Logistics Dept.) includes support to operations by providing vessels, rafts, cranes, skilled crew as well as materials and equipment.

Thus, when deciding on the maintenance of their equipment, the maritime support companies can count on our experience and reliability to do this job at their best convenience.

Our logistics support branch base located in Porto do Forno – Arraial do Cabo, provides all the operational itens, such as vessels, crew and onshore standby.

Our Administrative Center disposes of rooms equipped with office furniture, facilities and meeting room for 20 attendees.

Nitsea Navegação Ltda, one of the companies from Cassinu Group, is in the navigation market since November, 2006.

Despite of being in this segment for such a short time, Nit Sea Navegação Ltda. has already fulfilled and honored several contracts with its vessels; the Ferry Boat (self propelled) "Noahs" and the ship "M/V Inspector" in the field of maritime support and oceanographic research.

For more detailed information, please visit our site www.nitsea.com.br

 Politics on Quality

Cassinu Shipyard Board of Chairmen, strongly involved in the sector of repair and ship building industry, engage themselves along with their employees, clients and suppliers in general to comply with and to make fulfill all the objectives of its Quality System Management, as per described below:

Objective 1 - Focus on Client

Consider all the clients' requirements and other related ones as of main importance and make them be met complete and satisfactorily. Also, keep always evaluating the client's degree of satisfaction.

Objective 2 - Safety and Environment Protection

Try to develop its activities so as to prevent and minimize risks to the environment.

Objective 3 – Continuous Improvement

Do the best efforts in search of continuous improvement and respective efficiency of the Quality Management System.

The above mentioned objectives shall always be monitored, controlled and their results published.